“Message Board” is now available

In conjunction with the release of Tomohisa Yamashita’s new song “Forever in My Heart”, “Message Board” for fan club members only is now available in Heart9.

You can write your thoughts on the song, your impressions of the music video, messages you received from the lyrics, or anything else you want to share. Please share your honest thoughts.

* Please note that you cannot submit more than 400 characters.
* Comments may not contain personal information, content offensive to public order and morals, violations of the law, slander and libel, posts that offend others, pranks, spam, irrelevant content, or promotional activities.
* The administrator will delete any inappropriate postings.
* Messages may be excerpted or quoted in events, newsletters, or on the website.
* If you like a post, please click on the heart mark.
* The message will be displayed after approval by the administrator. Please note that it may take some time for your post to appear.

Message Board is here.