Notice of Revision of Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting Heart9.

We have revised our privacy policy to comply with the revised Personal Information Protection Law, which will be enforced on April 1, 2022, and to ensure that our customers can use our services with greater peace of mind.
Please note that there will be no substantive changes to the personal information we collect or the purposes for which we use it as a result of this revision.

Revised Privacy Policy

Effective date of revision
March 30, 2022

Major Revisions
(1) Privacy Policy and Handling of Personal Information
In order to provide customers with easy-to-understand information, the basic policy regarding the handling of personal information is described in the “Privacy Policy,” and detailed information regarding the purpose of use and handling of personal information is described in “Handling of Personal Information” in separate sections.

(2) Clarification of purpose of use
The purpose of use of personal information is clarified in the “Handling of Personal Information” section.

(3) Addition of procedures for providing electromagnetic records in procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.
In the “Handling of Personal Information” section, the procedures for requesting disclosure, etc. were previously limited to procedures by mail, but now electromagnetic records can also be used.

(4) Security Control Measures
The “Privacy Policy” describes our security control measures.

(5) Handling of Personal Information on the Website
Handling of Personal Information” explains the handling of cookies, access logs, and other information.

Continued use of Heart9 after the revision date will be deemed as acceptance of the revised privacy policy.

Thank you for your continued patronage of Heart9.