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  • I don’t receive mail magazines and other emails.


I don’t receive mail magazines and other emails.

Since various service e-mails are sometimes sent out simultaneously, it is possible that your settings are set to reject e-mails from the fan club due to anti-spam measures.
If this is the case, please make sure to disable some of the functions such as designated reception and designated rejection of e-mails.
*We will not be able to resend e-mails that have not been received due to the customer’s own settings.

[Common causes]
  • If you are registering with a cell phone or smartphone address, please make sure to set up your phone so that you can receive messages from “” global.tomohisayamashita.com”” using a domain-specified or email-specified receiver.If you are using a free email address such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, please check your “”junk mail folder”” as it may be categorized as junk mail.
  • There is a possibility that your registered e-mail address is incorrect. Please check your registered information.
  • The capacity of the incoming mail box may be full. Please organize your incoming mail folder and trash folder.
[E-mail delivery]
  • Contact us: info@global.tomohisayamashita.com
  • Membership Registration Procedures / Change of Registration Information: noreply@hubsynch.com
  • Mail Magagine: mag@global.tomohisayamashita.com
  • Order Completion Email / Payment Failure Email / Incomplete Payment Email: noreply@hubsynch.com