• Heart9 Flow of enrollment

Heart9 Flow of enrollment

1. Membership registration procedure

1-1. Please click the “New Membership” button


You can start the admission process by clicking the “New Membership” button on the fan club website. You can find the “New Membership” button at the bottom of the landing page and at the top right corner of this site.


1-2. Please check the Terms of Use


The Tomohisa Yamashita Fan Club “Heart9” will use “hubsynch”, a membership management and payment system provided by hubsynch Inc. Please also refer to the “hubsynch User Account Terms of Use”.

Please be sure to read the above terms and conditions before proceeding to “Member Registration”.


1-3. Create an account/enter your email address


Create an account. Enter your e-mail address to register your membership information and proceed to “Next”.


1-4. New Member Registration / Enter Member Information


Enter the information required for membership registration and proceed to “Confirm”. The fields required for registration are listed below.

  • Email address (already entered)
  • Password (you will need it to log in)
  • Your name (in alphabetical order)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Country

1-5. New member registration / Confirmation of input contents


Please confirm the contents of the registration information you have entered and proceed to the “Completion Page”. If you wish to modify the information, please click the “Back” button to return to the registration page.


1-6. Registration complete


Membership registration has been completed along with account creation. An email will be sent to your registered email address to confirm that your registration is complete. Please click the button at the bottom to go to “Login” to continue with the membership (membership fee payment) procedure.

2. Procedures for admission
(payment of membership fees)

2-1. Please login


From the login page. Enter the e-mail address and password you registered earlier to log in.


2-2. Select your enrollment plan


From the STORE product list page, select the fan club plan you would like to join (Heart9 annual membership fee/new membership or continued membership).


2-3. Check details and add to cart


Add the fan club annual membership plan to your cart, by clicking the “Add to Cart” button after checking the detailed information on the product page.


2-4. Check your cart and proceed to purchase.


Please confirm the product, quantity, and total amount in the cart list, and then click the “Purchase” button to proceed. You will now be redirected to the hubsynch payment process for payment.


2-5. Select a payment method


Payment can only be made by credit card. Please refer to the User’s Guide page for available credit cards.


2-6. Payment Method


Please enter your credit card number, expiration date, security code, and cardholder information, and then click the “Apply for Payment” button. Please note that we do not accept split payments.


2-7. Payment application acceptance completed / Payment completed


Your application for the hubsynch payment page has been completed. You will be notified of the success or failure of the payment process and the details of your registration to your registered email address.

Will be automatically redirected
from this page in about 5 seconds.


2-8. Completed enrollment in Heart9


You will be automatically redirected to “Usage Status” in your dashboard from the “Payment Application” screen. Once you have confirmed your House number, name, expiration date, etc., your enrollment in Heart9 will be complete with the completion of the payment procedure.