This is a fan club service with annual membership.

Original contents that can only be seen here
private photos and videos that have never been shown to the public.
We will continue to deliver content that will please everyone.

Heart9 Membership information

Membership fee

Annual membership fee: 4,400 yen (tax included)

Membership Benefits

1.Digital membership card

Issuance of digital membership card

2.Digital fan magazine

Publication of digital fan magazine

3.Members-only contents

A variety of contents, including photos and videos, is updated.

4.Ticket pre-order sales

Be the first to reserve tickets for events

5.Information mailings

The latest news and birthday celebrations from Tomohisa Yamashita

6.Members-only events

Organizing member-only events

Payment Method

Credit Card Payment


  • Can choose “auto-renewal” for credit card payment after joining. If you would like to stop the automatic renewal after the next year, please change the “stop renewal” option.
Period of validity

12 months from the month following the month of enrollment.

Ex)If you join on March 1th,2021 your membership will expire on March 31th,2022」.

  • Heart9 will also send you important information by e-mail. Registration of your e-mail address is required.
    Please make sure that you can receive messages from the addresses “” and “”.